8 Inspiring Ideas on How To Repair Damaged Hair at Home

So your hair is damaged while you know you have lots of things at your fridge, here are the most inspiring ideas on how to repair damaged hair at home just by making use of what you have already had. There is never an instant way of recovering damaged hair without taking actions. Among the expensive and complicated strategies, we share you the simplest way to repair your damaged hair without the need to go out and buy an expensive shampoo or hair mask.

These ideas might be very odd yet it provides you with the natural treatment which is cheap to afford. All you need to do is just checking what you have in your fridge. If you have avocado, butter, olive oil, tea, apple cider vinegar, egg and some other botanical oils, here are what to with them.

Mash Avocado

Avocado is a fruit that most people store in their fridge for making juice. Now you can blend the fruit to repair your damaged hair. Pick up a ripe avocado and mash it along with an egg. Apply to your damaged hair while it is wet. It will help your hair to restore luster to your hair due to its rich contents of mineral, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Let the mashed avocado stay on your hair for 20 minutes and clean several times afterwards. To get healthier hair, you can practice it once a month.

Massage in Butter

Do you have butter? Don’t take too much time. Pick it up and use it to massage your damaged hair and cover it with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Butter is good to make hair glossy and shiny. To rinse the hair out of the butter, you can use your shampoo as usually. Clean your hair several times to make sure that there is butter left on your hair.  

Olive Oil for Hair Moisture

Dry hair can be a damaged hair, too. Check out your kitchen storage to see whether you have olive oil. If so, you can use the oil to provide your dry hair with the moisture. In this way, warm up about a half cup of olive oil (you don’t have to boil, just get it warmed) and rub it into your dry hair. Cover with plastic back or shower cap as well as wrap in towel. 45 minutes is enough to get your hair moisture by the olive oil. Rinse completely using your shampoo in the bathroom. As simple as that.

Rinse With Tea

Have you ever imagined that tea could be one of the best home remedy for damaged hair? Don’t tell that you don’t have tea at home. Well, if your hair is terribly damaged now, you can tea as one of the cheapest essential on how to repair damaged hair at home.

In this case, you can warm a quart of unsweetened tea as a final rinse after you clean your hair with a shampoo. This way, tea works out to enhance your hair color. Thus, you get not only the healthy hair but also a natural hair with dark color without any chemical touch.

Make Hair Mask from Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the must-have items in everyone’s home. Now you can use the remedy to repair your damaged hair by combining a teaspoon of it with 2 tablespoon of olive oil and 3 white eggs. Rub your hair with the mixture and keep for an hour using a shower cap. To rinse well, you can use your daily shampoo. Isn’t that simple?

Try a “Shampoo Omelet”

Why do we call it a shampoo omelet? A small amount of shampoo combined with the one egg will create a shampoo omelet, right? Apply the mixture to your damaged hair for not more than five minutes and get rinsed. This treatment will make your hair rich of protein. Seemingly, this is one of the hair treatment secrets that a hair stylish won’t tell you. Now you can try it yourself at home.

Botanical Oils Treatment

Other inspiring idea on how to repair damaged hair at home you can consider is the botanical oils treatment. This way, you can just go to the nearby food stores and buy olive oils, jojoba and sweet almond olive oils. They are all wonderful in helping the damaged hair recovered. You can also add coconut oil for your wavy hair.

To use this treatment, you can just apply a small amount of the botanical oils to your hair and top off with a shower cap as well as warm towel for only a half of an hour. Later, get your hair rinsed with shampoo.

Try Sandalwood Oil

Do you know that sandalwood oil can also be very nice for damaged hair treatment? A few drops of this oil combined with olive and jojoba oil will actually make your hair smooth. All you need to do is just to combine the oil with olive and jojoba oil and rub the mixture on your hair until covered. You can also add your hand lotion in your palms to smoothly rub your damaged hair.

How to Prevent Damaged Hair

Now that you have already known the 8 recommended ways on how to repair damaged hair at home using the home remedies, here are the ideas we are going to share you about how to prevent damaged hair.

Use Natural Conditioner before Swimming

When the summer comes to enjoy, most people go out for swimming. To avoid hair damage, you need to use natural conditioner before you jump into the sea or swimming pool. The harsh elements can potentially damage our hair. Thus, mix ¼ cup of apple cider with ¾ cup water to clean the hair.

Wrap Wet Hair Dry Instead of Rubbing It

After shampooing your hair, never get it dry by rubbing it. One supported way on how to repair damaged hair at home is to wrap it up with a cotton towel. The cotton will definitely absorb the moisture for a couple of minutes. This is one of the best ways to protect against split ends further.

Use Humidifier at Night

If your home is heating due to the hot weather, the air will be probably dry and it can affect your hair moisture since your hair can also be dry following the dry air. To avoid this, put humidifier at night to get the moisture back to your hair and never have it damaged anymore.

Let Your Hair Down

The final way of recovering your damaged hair is letting your hair down. It will make your hair breathing freely without being stressful of ponytail.