Acne Spreads on Face (Simple Ways to Stop It)

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  1. Get to know the type of your skin, whether it is dry, oily, or normal. And then choose acne-removal product that meets to your skin needs.
  2. Only use a gently cleanser for your face or other sensitive skin areas! Avoid irritant products, such as facial scrubs and masks.
  3. If you are prone to have acne in your hairline, make sure to regularly clean and shampoo your hair to prevent the acne from spreading! If necessary, take a haircut!
  4. Some people have acne that is more sensitive to the sun. If you are one of them, use the sunscreen lotion /cream, but make sure to only use oil-free sunscreen!
  5. If you are using an acne-fighting product, make sure that your skin is not too dry when taking the treatment. Some acne treatment can be very drying, so it’s better to also regularly moisturize your skin (again choose oil-free moisturizer).

Stop touching your face with your hands!

The hands are the most prone spots where you directly touch lots of harmful things (such as bacteria, germs, and dirt). Try asking yourself, how many times a day your hands touch your face? It’s probably a lot!

In fact – viruses, bacteria, and other bad things can travel from fingertips onto the skin. So, don’t make a direct contact between your hands and face if not needed!

Face-touching doesn’t simply cause acne, since again the occurrence of acne is complex. However, if you are acne-prone, this bad habit can be one of significant risk factor to trigger acne.

But it’s clear that touching can make the problem get worse. In other words, it can help spread the existing-acne.

Furthermore, your hands are not the single issue to transfer bad things into the skin. Watch out on pillow cases, cell phones, or dirty washcloths! These stuffs are the comfort zone for dirt to stay.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy for everyone to stop this bad habit. If you think that you do find difficult to stop touching face with your hands, you may need to consider seeing a hypnotherapist and take 1-2 session of hypnotherapy.