Has Anyone Ever Cured or Reversed Type 1 Diabetes?

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Robert P. Krause, or familiar called Bob Krause, is a diabetes legend. He is a record breaker as the first American who lives with type-1 diabetes for about 85 years. Even this has outlived the life expectation of average healthy people.

Credit to diabetes.co.uk

Credit to diabetes.co.uk

Bob celebrated his 90th birthday on May 2011. He got the diagnosis of the disease when he was at the age of five. And he was taking insulin treatment by the age of six. Sadly, in 2012 he passed away – not from diabetes, but because of leukemia. He really beats his diabetes all the way to the end!

Every time he visited his doctor, he brought a complete data of his blood sugar charts to make sure that the disease is well controlled. His commitment in following the treatment plan is awesome!

Bob was reported as saying, “You only need to eat foods that your body needs”. If you eat just enough food to drive your body needs, you are easier to control diabetes.

The challenging thing is to consistently follow healthy-balanced diet. Bob said that he eats to live longer instead of for pleasure or eating all the time.

He also stressed that it’s important to keep checking and monitoring the blood sugar level. Even he didn’t forget to check every two days before he passed away. And another fabulous thing, his blood sugar level was normal to his last breath!

Although there is still no one who has ever cured or revered type-1 diabetes, but Bob evinces that diabetes is not the end of everything! He has witnessed a significant improvement of diabetes treatment in his long life.

In recent decades diabetics are now living significantly longer, including for those with type-1 diabetes. This suggests that there is also a significant improvement of diabetes care. But this doesn’t mean that scientists forget the cure – some studies are still going and looking for the answer!

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