Can Meningitis Make You Blind?

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The prognosis of blindness depends on the exact cause of the problem. The kind of treatment you get will also have an effect.

The answer of whether or not meningitis-related blindness is curable can vary from person to person. It depends on several factors such as the severity of the problem and treatment that you take (including how fast you get the treatment).

The likelihood of having after effects from meningitis is unpredictable, because it can be attributed by some different factors (the severity and type of the disease, for example). Early treatment matters, too. The longer patient without treatment, the higher the risk of developing neurological damage and other serious meningitis complications!

Furthermore, people with meningitis respond to the disease differently. And many times they are unsure of what to expect after the disease. However, early prompt treatment can help a lot to prevent the complications. It is also important to prevent the damage from becoming serious or permanent

With early treatment, patients should be able to recover without lingering effects. The good news, many meningitis complications usually improve over time, though again this chance varies from patient to patient.

Although the disease can go away within a matter of weeks (this is especially true for acute meningitis), you may need to take months to fully recover from the disease. There is also a chance from the disease to come back (see more the issue in here).

The after effects of meningitis are not only about physical problems. The disease may also affect you psychologically, causing some of the following emotional after effects; depression, anxiety, aggression, temper-tantrums, or other emotional problems.

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