Check Out All About Type 3 Diabetes

6. Anti-psychotic therapy

Anti-psychotic therapy is sometimes good to recommend in relation with dementia process. Just take a little dose of this therapy to help you treat your type 3 diabetes.

Prevention of Type 3 Diabetes

Knowing that you have already type 2 diabetes which is developing type 3 diabetes, you had better take an action of prevention. There are some proven methods you can try to prevent the risk of developing this deadly disease and minimizing your organ damage.

  1. Maintain your healthy weight.
  2. Watch out your cholesterol level either by having a routine check-up and consultation or tracking your cholesterol level using your own chart.
  3. Take prescribed medications suggested by the doctor and keep consuming the medicine regularly based on the schedule given by the doctor.
  4. Control your blood sugar level based on the doctor’s recommendation.
  5. Eat more healthy foods which are low in saturated fat but rich in protein and high in fiber.
  6. Do exercise four times a week within 30 minutes per day.


Conclusively, type 3 diabetes is a kind of serious disease that you must be aware seriously. Gain information as more as possible dealing with this disease including the causes, the risk factors and the symptoms so that you could decide to take a prevention and treatment when you are diagnosed of suffering the disease.