Does Receding Hairline from the Side Only?

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Over time, if the receding hairline gets worse, it will recede to cause M-shape. Eventually, this meets to the crown-thinning patch which then may cause horseshoe shape (see the following picture, credit to ADAM).


The outlook of the problem varies. While some may not experience baldness, but mostly it ends with partial or complete baldness.

So does it from the side only? Many cases of receding hairline are associated with male-pattern baldness (MPB). However sometimes receding hairline is not linked to MPB or without known cause, but it is quite rare.

For such case, a receding front hairline is not always the starting point. Hair loss may start to occur from another hairline of the scalp.

Receding front hairline associated with MPB is difficult to reverse. Some treatments are usually only intended to help stop it temporary.

For instance, propecia is a common treatment for this hair loss problem. But you need to take it continuously otherwise the problem is likely to return.

Hair transplant may be more promising. The successful rate and effectiveness of this surgical treatment are pretty good. Even it may also be able to provide permanent result.

And the good news, most men with MPB can take hair transplant. On the other hand, most women with female-pattern baldness (FPB) cannot take it since they usually experience thinning hair on the entire scalp, making it difficult to find a stable donor site. The bad news, it is costly!

If you experience receding hairline, it is not always easy to cope with the problem! Your hair may be a defining part of your confidence and identity. As a result, you may experience low self-confidence and even depression.

However, remember that this is not the end of everything. Going with receding hairline or even baldness is not always bad. Even there are many men with the same problem can be success in their careers.

If necessary, consider taking a counseling session! See more advice to cope with receding hairline in this comprehensive guide!

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