How Long Does Sinusitis Last in Pregnancy?

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Depending on how long the disease lasts – it could be acute, sub-acute, or even chronic.

  1. Acute sinusitis usually lasts a few weeks (4 weeks or less). For such sinusitis, the symptoms may strike suddenly.
  2. Sub-acute. The problem usually lasts about 4-8 weeks.
  3. And chronic, it can last longer – typically 8 weeks or more.

Luckily, again sinusitis in pregnancy is usually mild and not serious. In most cases, it lasts within a few days or weeks – see the chart below!


In general, natural remedies and lifestyle measures are often enough to cope with sinus infection during pregnancy.

The following tips may help:

  1. Headache and fatigue in pregnancy is quite common. And these symptoms may become even worse when you have sinus infection. Try with hot pack and put it on your forehead for a few minutes! Massage or warm bath may also help ease your headache and boost your recovery.
  2. Keep hydrated by getting adequate liquids every day. This is much more important when your body is fighting against the infection. Adequate liquids are also important to help clear your stuffy nose.
  3. Getting enough rest and sleep at night is important for your recovery. Unfortunately, sinusitis symptoms often worsen at night (learn more in here). But there are some ways to ease them. For examples, turn on your humidifier at night to help clear your nasal passages and make you breathe more easily. Sleeping with a couple of pillows is also good idea to elevate your head and ease your nasal congestion.
  4. If you have sore throat, try drinking warm liquid or gargling salt water. Lemon and honey may also help.
  5. While lack of appetite is quite common while pregnant, sinusitis may make it even worse. Since you and your baby require plenty of nutrients during pregnancy, always try to eat even though you have a drastic appetite loss! Eating smaller meals (5-6 meals throughout the day) may help improve your appetite.

If the problem becomes sub-acute or chronic, medications may be necessary. For such case, talk to your doctor for more guidance! Even in a few cases, the symptoms of acute sinusitis may become severe enough to make you seek medical help.