Tips on How to Stop Receding Hairline at 17

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Determining the right donor site for hair transplantation is the key of overall success of the treatment. If you take it at too young age, finding the right donor site is more difficult. Even if you take it at early 20s, there is still greater chance of choosing the wrong donor site.

Therefore, for young adults such as at the age of 17, hair transplant is not the option. Since you need a stable donor site, watchful-waiting as you age is usually recommended until your doctor can determine the right donor site from existing hair follicles in your scalp.

Lifestyle measures are more recommended!
It seems that watchful waiting is much more recommended if you are still too young. But if you are suffering from hair loss that progresses aggressively, see a doctor – for such case, the problem may link to certain medical condition that should be treated immediately!

Meanwhile, some lifestyle measures may help, too. Although the improvement may not be noticed quickly or as significant as you expect, but these can be quite helpful to improve the health of your scalp and follicles in long term.

These lifestyle measures include dietary approaches, good hairstyle practices, the use of some natural oils for scalp massage, and so on. See more about these natural hair loss treatments in this section!

How about platelet rich plasma therapy?

It is a new treatment that uses growth factors taken from blood that may work for treating premature hair loss, including receding hairline at teen ages – though there is still no strong evidence that it really works for hair loss.

Since there is no side effects resulted from this therapy, some people are likely to choose it before taking other treatments. Even it does not use any medical intervention. Someday it may become one of approved treatments for hair loss.