How to Stop Receding Hairline for Black Men

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  1. Consider hair cut that can help make the problem less visible. This can be quite helpful for mild case of the problem. The good news, there are many hairstyles for receding hairline to choose from. In general, just ask your barber to avoid having a straight line on the temples.
  2. Avoid hot water to wash your hair since this can make your scalp dry out! Instead, use lukewarm water!
  3. Some hair-care products for thickness also contain harsh chemicals that can be a recipe for destruction. It’s much better to use a light grease containing natural oil or other safely ingredients that can help rejuvenates your scalp!
  4. Massage your scalp gently! Take a few minutes to do it before going bed. Do it routinely to help improve blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. It is also quite helpful to relieve stress.
  5. Control your stress as well! Stress that goes out of control is thought can worsen many conditions, including hair loss. See also these stress reducers!
  6. In coping with your hair loss problem, you may try numerous different products to find out what works best. But this can pile a lot of products in the scalp and follicles, making your scalp dirty that may worsen the problem. So, it’s also important to keep it clean up there. Wash your hair routinely!
  7. Use the most appropriate washing and conditioning products, this can vary among black men. Choose the right products that meet to your hair needs! Look for one that leaves your scalp rejuvenating!

These lifestyle measures are usually only used for complementary option, NOT to replace the main treatment. If your receding hairline is a sign of male pattern baldness, the underlying cause of the problem (typically excess DHT in the scalp) must be treated.

For more-detailed information about ways to stop and grow back receding hairline, here is a comprehensive guide.

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