How Do You Know If Hair Loss Is Hereditary?

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The U-shape may then form a complete baldness. In fact, baldness in hereditary male pattern hair loss is quite common.

However, this also can vary from case to case. Sometimes, it may only cause a partial baldness.

Tests to diagnose these hereditary hair loss problems

There are usually no specific procedures or tests to diagnose both male and female pattern hair loss.

With physical examination, especially by observing the appearance and pattern of your hair loss, is usually enough to determine the kind of your hair loss. Your dermatologist may also need to observe your medical history!

Furthermore, since androgen (male hormone) should not be too high in women, doctor may also need to look for signs of too much androgen in women suspected with female pattern baldness, such as;

  1. Clitoris enlargement or changes in menstrual periods.
  2. Abnormal hair growth in wrong locations such as in pubic area, face, or between the belly-button!

Sometimes additional tests (such as blood test and skin biopsy) may also be required to help rule out other potential underlying causes.

What are the treatments you can take?

Currently, minoxidil is the only one of medication approved by FDA for female pattern baldness. Hair transplant is another treatment option, in a few cases.

But minoxidil is not too recommended for treating receding hairline, an early sign of male pattern baldness. Propecia is more recommended than minoxidil! Because propecia can address the underlying cause of the problem, controlling and reducing DHT production!

The good news, most men with this hereditary hair loss problem are able to take hair transplant surgical treatment. But it’s important for them to not take it at too young age!

On the other hand, hair transplant is rarely used in women with female pattern baldness. Because they often experience thinning hair on their entire scalp, and therefore they usually don’t have a stable donor site for hair transplantation!


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