More Questions about Receding Hairline!

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What are the treatment options?

Receding hairline can be a nightmare for men. However, there are some actions to help dealing with the situation.

Once you notice that your hairline is receding, you can consider getting treatment but please being aware about some effects of taking products. The things can do to deal with this matter is by trying to keep it easy and not stressed out because it just worsen the condition.

The treatments can vary, either for the cost! You can start with some lifestyle measures or using practical options (such as with propecia) – or with expensive treatment like hair transplant.

Why does rogaine not work for receding hairline?

The use of rogaine is common for many kinds of hair loss problems. Even it is often suggested for the first treatment option for some types of hair loss.

But when it comes to receding hairline, it is still debatable especially if the problem is associated with male-pattern baldness. Even some experts don’t recommend rogaine or minoxidil for early sign of male pattern baldness.

Furthermore, rogaine cannot address the underlying condition of the problem. In many cases, receding hairline occurs due to the excess production of DHT as noted earlier, and rogaine has nothing to do with DHT. If it does work, it will not work better than propecia!

How about propecia?

It is commonly more recommended than rogaine since it can target the underlying problem, DHT. So does it really work? The answer can vary, too.

But most men find benefit with this treatment, though the result is also temporary! For more in-depth information about propecia, see this post!

How about hair transplant? Can it provide permanent result and can you take it? And what other treatment options – see more in this complete guide!