Receding Hairline Following Chemo

There are lots of causes of why you can experience hair loss problem. One of them is when you take a treatment for cancer such as chemotherapy. Therefore, some patients with cancer may refuse to take it. Actually, receding hairline following chemo is a temporary problem. In general, this hair loss problem will grow back normally within a few months after undergoing this treatment.

Each person will experience a different level of hair loss. It depends on the medicine used during chemotherapy and the condition of the hair itself.

In addition, receding hairline is more common in men. In this hair loss problem, parts of head that look bald are hairline on the forehead. However in rare cases, it can affect women, too!

How does chemotherapy cause hair loss, including receding hairline?

To find out why chemotherapy causes hair loss, it is better if you understand how it works. Again as well we know that it is a cancer treatment that aims to modify the cancer cells so thus the cancer cells are less likely to become aggressive or even stop growing.

However in fact it not only kills cancer cells, but also can disrupt the normal cells of the body. So while it can kill cancer cells, it also can pose the risk of causing damage to healthy cells.

Therefore, the treatment should be done with closely monitoring. Your doctor will determine the time and how long you should take it.

Cells of hair follicles may be affected, too. That’s why hair loss is pretty common during and after taking chemotherapy.

The good news, if your hair loss (including for receding hairline) does link to chemotherapy that you have taken, it is usually temporary and reversible.

Treatment options for hair loss due to chemotherapy

To regrow receding hairline following chemo, there are several ways you can do. Using hair moisturizer may help to prevent itching when the hair is growing back after following chemo.

The use of hat, scarf, wig, and other accessories may help, too. During chemo, there may be nothing you can do to prevent hair loss since you are still taking the treatment. But with changes in hairstyles such as using wig or hat can be so helpful.

Cutting hair is another option. It can help prevent your hair from fall out more. You can style your hair easier, too.

It’s better to avoid other things that can harm your hair follicles. For instance, avoid using hair dye, hair curlers, and some things that can harm your hair. Chemical content in some hair products can disrupt and damage the health of the hair follicles.

Using a comb with soft bristles can be another lifestyle measure for coping. Comb your hair gently and in one direction!

The following are other helpful tips:

  1. Use safe shampoo, baby shampoo is one of good choices!
  2. After washing or shampooing, dry your hair naturally. Avoid using hairdryer since it may damage the growth of new hair!
  3. If necessary, use hair covering at bedtime! This can help reduce the friction between hair and pillow.

Receding hairline following chemo should be reversible. See also other natural approaches to cope with it in this complete guide!