Sinus Infection Treatment with High Blood Pressure

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Avoid any over-the-counter decongestants!

Sinus infection can lead to inflammation and buildup of mucus that can block your nasal cavity. As a result, you can have nasal congestion.

But if you have hypertension, don’t not use any over-the-counter decongestants (including for multi-symptom cold remedies containing decongestants)! Decongestants – like pseudoephedrine, oxymetazoline, naphazoline, phenylephrine, and ephedrine – can have an effect on your blood vessels.

Instead, try alternative remedies to cope with nasal congestion. For example, try saline nasal spray! It can help flush your sinus civilities without needing to worry about your high blood pressure!

The same goes for your cold medication!

Avoid over-the-counter cold medicine that contains decongestants!

The good news, there are quite many choices to choose from. Even some are designed for people with hypertension. For instance, Coricidin HBP (it is free of any decongestant and safe for hypertension).

Warning; it’s always important to take the medicine as well as prescribed or follow the dosing instructions! Even though it doesn’t contain decongestant, but it may have powerful substances such as dextromethorphan which could be fatal if you take higher than the recommendation!

Additionally – don’t use any over-the-counter cold medicine for toddlers with sinusitis, because it is useless or even could be counterproductive (pose the risk of negative side effects)!

How about allergy medicines?

The cause of sinusitis can vary. Allergy is often to blame and this is particularly true for many cases of sinusitis in children.

In adults with allergy, the sinusitis symptoms could be worse and more difficult to cope with. So if you have allergy, avoid any allergen (such as animal dander, mold, weed pollen, and dust mites) that may trigger your allergic reaction!

Sometimes medicine may be required to help control your allergy. For such case, talk first with your doctor! Fortunately most common medicines for allergies are antihistamines, which are safe for most people with hypertension. But again, ask first to keep safe!