Sinus Toothache: How Long Does It Take to Go Away?

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  1. The kind of sinusitis that you have. Sinusitis can be acute and chronic. Chronic means the inflammation lasts longer (could be 8 weeks or longer). If it persists, so does your sinus toothache.
  2. What you have done to help relieve the inflammation quickly. The treatment (such as the use of antibiotic) is not always necessary for sinusitis. But there are plenty of home remedies to help cope with it and promote faster recovery.
  3. The strength of your immune system. If it works optimally, it will heal the infection more quickly.

But it’s also possible for toothache in people with sinusitis has nothing to do with their sinus inflammation. For more guidance, see a doctor or a dentist– particularly if the pain persists!

Your dentist can help diagnose possible dental causes of the pain. If the problem is not caused by a dental cause, it may be a result of something else such as sinus condition.

If you have sinus condition (such as sinusitis) and experience toothache (especially if the pain occurs in the upper teeth or around the upper jaw), you may have sinus toothache! This is particularly true if the pain occurs with other sinusitis symptoms (see the previous page).

What are the treatments? The kind of treatment you should take is dependent on the underlying cause. If the pain is linked to your sinusitis, the goal of the treatment is to relieve the sinus inflammation. These include lifestyle measures or medical intervention if required.

Since most cases of sinusitis (especially for acute sinusitis) resolve naturally, again self-care approaches (see here and here) are usually enough to cope with. Over-the-counter painkillers are also available to help ease the pain.

But if the symptoms last longer or even get worse, it’s much better to seek medical help promptly. Although sinusitis is commonly considered harmless, it can also lead to serious complications (in rare cases). See also warning signs and symptoms of dangerous sinus infection in here!