Top Hangover Myths You Need to Know!

Hangover is the most worried thing from heavy drinking. There are many ways to help ease this drinking effect! But unfortunately, not all these ways really work. Even some people believe that hangover can provide some benefits. But in fact, the disadvantages of hangover are much greater than the advantages.  And the following are some myths about hangover!

Myth#1: Hangover is good way for night sleep

The habit of heavy drinking can lead to numerous of health problems. For instance, it can rock the nervous system and impair some brain chemicals, causing headache, nausea, and dizziness.

At first, you may fall asleep easier. But this will not help provide a good night sleep since it can send you running to the bathroom so often, causing dehydration.

The problem may continue when you wake up. You can have the morning-price such as fatigue, digestive problem (like queasy stomach), weakened immune system, and headache.

Myth#2: Hangover is only for bingers

The body responds to alcohol can vary from person to person. While some need to get heavy drinking for hangover, some people are more sensitive to alcohol.

If you are sensitive to alcohol, just a couple of drinks may be powerful enough to trigger headache, dizziness, or other hangover symptoms.

Myth#3: About gender-blind issue

If you are a woman, don’t drink too much on Ladies’ night. Some women think that their body responds to alcohol are as well as men.

But in fact, if both a man and a woman drink the same amount of alcohol, the man is less likely to feel the effect. In other words, women are relatively easier for hangover.

The ability of men’s body to dilute alcohol is better than women, because men’s body has a higher percentage of water. However for men, this should not be used for justification to drink excessively.

Still, both men and women should drink in moderation! Women should not drink more than one drink per day, and 2 drinks for men.

Myth#4: Diet cocktails don’t cause any hangover effect!

Diet drinks followed with counting calories may help burn calories and lose your excessive weight.  But according to a study, having too much sugar-containing liquids (such as fruit juices) can lead to a less intense hangover!

Myth#5: Wine is the gentlest option

If you worry about hangover symptoms and how you will feel in the morning, wine is not the gentlest choice. Instead, clear liquors and beer are more recommended!

Red wine itself contains tannin, and in some people this substance can trigger headache. Even whiskey and other malt liquors are more likely to trigger severe hangovers.

Myth#6: Liquor before beer can help ease the hangover effect!

The way of how you drink doesn’t significantly help. So, it’s not about the order of your drinks, but the amount of alcohol you drink!

The size is also not the only one factor! Just remember that standard drinks for 1.5 ounce-shot for liquor, 12 ounce glass for beer, and 5 ounce glass for wine – contain about the same amount of alcohol. So, don’t get fooled by the size!

Myth#7: taking pain reliever before going bed can help!

Most over-the-counter painkillers last about 4-6 hours after you take them. So, taking them before bed actually doesn’t help by the time when you wake up. Instead, take the pills by the time you first wake up.

In addition, it’s also important to not take acetaminophen after a night of heavy drinking, because this can be so dangerous for your liver.

Myth#8: Eating pasta before going bed can help!

Some people believe that eat pasta before bed can help ease the effect after heavy drinking, but actually this doesn’t help.

Any foods you eat after drinking will not cause any effect to help escape a hangover. If you do believe that some foods can do it, you need to eat them before drinking!

However, the best thing of diet that you can do to ease the problem is by drinking plenty of water since alcohol can cause dehydration.

Myth#9: Go with coffee!

Another myth to reduce the chance of hangover is drinking coffee. But in fact both coffee and alcohol can dehydrate the water in the body. So, drinking both coffee and alcohol at the same can make the problem get worse!

Myth#10: About hangover natural pills

The pills such as artichoke and yeast extract are overwhelming. But do they really help?

According to some British studies, the use of these pills is not helpful. Other pills such as prickly pear cactus extract may help dry mouth and nausea, but it doesn’t work for dreaded headache from hangover!