Will Type 2 Diabetes Go Away with Weight Loss?

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  1. The chance to make type-2 diabetes go away in remission is greatest at early stage of the disease.
  2. Remission is also mostly likely after a big scale of weight loss, such as after taking weight-loss-bariatric surgery. But this doesn’t mean that you need to lose more pounds of weight even though you already have healthy weight!

On the other hand, the remission is less likely to occur in the later stages of the disease or when it has become advanced. Furthermore, the ability of the body in making insulin is likely to decrease over time!

It seems that it’s important to start the treatment plan and make essential lifestyle changes as soon as possible if you have just been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes – otherwise you can lose your chance to reverse the disease (to have diabetes remission) and increase the risk of diabetes complications!

Other helpful tips

Hopefully, someday researchers can find a cure for type-2 diabetes. Meanwhile, the main goal is to make it go away for as long as possible (inactive, in remission). However in fact, not all diabetics can get their remission.

But whether or not you go with remission, it’s always important to keep the blood sugar in the normal target range. This target can vary, ask your doctor about your normal blood sugar targets you need to follow – see also this general guide!

What else to remember? Here are other tips to keep in mind:

  1. Simple carbohydrates can increase your blood sugar more quickly, since they are high in glucose and low in fiber. It’s much better to choose complex carbohydrates, high-fiber foods, or low-GI foods! GI (glycemic index) is used to measure the effect of different foods on blood sugar. The higher level of GI, the faster it will cause a rise in blood sugar level. See also simple checklists of what to eat and what to avoid for diabetes in this section!
  2. Instead of eating large meals for 2-3 times a day, try with small meals and spread them throughout the day! This is also great for your weight control!
  3. Do exercise regularly! Brisk walking is one of excellent choices for diabetics. It is not only helpful to keep you active but also great for your heart! Check your blood sugar before exercise, particularly true if you take insulin!
  4. Check your A1c level! It is used to help analyze your blood sugar level over 2-3 months before the test. For diabetics, it’s usually recommended to take A1c test every six months or ask your doctor for more guidance!
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