Which Part of Egg is Good for Hair Growth?

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Which part of egg you should eat for hair growth?

Egg is cheap, easily available. You can include it into your diet for healthy hair growth and other health benefits. In this way, your body and hair follicles can get nutritional benefits of eggs.

There are lots of recipes with egg to explore. You can choose some that meet to your taste.

But since the egg yolk is quite high in cholesterol, it’s important to eat it moderately! Eating one egg (including its yolk) a day is still acceptable, according to the American Heart Association. But if you need to eat more than one egg a day, just skip the yolk!

Which part of egg is good for hair pack?

But if you want to make a hair pack with egg, the egg yolk is the common choice. Because it is high in fatty fats, vitamins, biotin, minerals, and other nutrients that are good for hair growth! And since you don’t eat it, there is nothing to worry about the raised blood cholesterol from the egg yolk.

The egg yolk can be mixed with a number of different choices (such as honey, olive oil, almond, or lemon). Blend the mixture properly, and then apply it directly on the scalp and hair. Wait about 20-30 minutes, then wash and shampoo it with cold water afterward!

Things to remember:
  1. If you think that the use of egg alone may lead to a problem, try mixing it with a good conditioner.
  2. To wash hair after the treatment, use cold water! Hot water can coagulate the egg, making it stick to your hair and harder to remove.
  3. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair after the treatment!
  4. To see the improvement, you need to do it several times – it’s not a magic formula! Typically, the improvement starts to appear after several treatments.
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