10 Foods To Avoid For Diabetes You Have To Check Out Now

Did you realize that diabetes is one of the deadly human diseases? For this concern, we are going to share you an article about Foods To Avoid For Diabetes. Dealing with the healthy diet to fight against the disease, foods become the crucial factor to control along with medication. In this article, you will be presented a precious information which is not only about some listed foods you have to avoid but also a definition about this disease so that you will gain a lot of information as complete as possible.

What is actually diabetes?

Diabetes is defined as a chronic disease which is reaching epidemic proportions and mostly occurring among children and adults. Diabetes deals with high blood sugar which is almost caused by consuming unhealthy and improper foods. Diabetes can be a serious disease since it leads to heart disease, kidney disease, blindness and other dangerous complications about the health problem.

Thus, controlling foods consumption is one of the contributing ways to lower or prevent diabetes.

Below are the 10 Foods To Avoid For Diabetes  you can check out and apply for your diabetes controlling.


The first thing you may ask your mind is why carb intake matter for people with diabetes. Carb is one of the macronutrients that enrich your body with energy. In this case, carb contains a greater source of energy affecting human body, particularly your blood sugar. This is due to the observation of the sugar and glucose contained in carb and their contribution to the body done through the bloodstream.

When a person suffering from diabetes consumes a large amount of carb at a time, he level of his/her blood sugar can extremely rise and reach the high levels. This is very dangerous since the high levels of blood sugar leads to the damage on your body’s nerves as well as blood vessel. In this case, body nerves and blood vessel damage causes heart disease, kidney disease, and other serious health problem.

Thus, you need to maintain a low carb intake to help you prevent the blood sugar spikes as well as to decrease the diabetes complications risk.

Sugar-Sweetened or Sugary Beverages

Did you realize that sugary beverages can lead you to suffer from diabetes? Perhaps, sugary beverages seems to help you refresh your throat from thirsty, especially the cold ones. However, they are the worst drink choice for the diabetes sufferer.

The question is; why is it so?

Well, the sugary beverages contain a very high carb which are 12 ounces in a can of soda. Meanwhile, the sweetened iced tea and lemon tea contains 36 grams of cars for each because of the sugary content.

Sugary beverages also contains a lot of fructose which high-related to insulin resistance and diabetes. The studies show that consuming this kind of beverages causes you increase the risk of diabetes and other complications such as fatty liver.

The high level of fructose contained in the sugary beverages may also lead to metabolic changes which are promoting belly fat and dangerous cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels. This is how you can see the way diabetes affects and leads to other serious health problem.

One of the studies conducted to observe the overweight and adults shows that consuming 25% of calories out of the sugary beverages along with the high-fructose content may increase insulin resistance and belly fat as well as low metabolic case. This will make your health body worse.

As one of the Foods To Avoid For Diabetes, sugary beverages should be substituted with pure or mineral water for daily consumption.

Trans Fat

Trans fats are the fats produced by industries or manufacturers in terms of packaging and fast food. You can find many kinds of Trans fats easily in butter, spreads, margarine, creamers, ad frozen food. You can also get Trans fat from the foods such as crackers, muffins, and other baked foods. The trans fat are added by the manufacturers in the food they produce.

Actually, Trans fats don’t instantly increase the blood sugar level but they lead to increase inflammation, impaired arterial function, belly fat and insulin resistance. All of these risks are more inked to people suffering from diabetes. Thus, they have a risk of heart disease, too.

To prevent diabetes, you must avoid food supply containing Trans fat. Please take a note of the words “Partially hydrogenated” which means the packed foods contain Trans fat.

White Bread, Pasta and Rice

White bread, pasta and rice are the three foods with the high-content of carb. That’s why, if you have diabetes in your body and you eat a lot of these foods, your blood sugar will be increasing significantly.

A study shows that a high-carb meal increases not only the blood sugar level but also reduce the brain function in people with diabetes.

In this response, you must replace white bread with high-fiber bread to reduce blood sugar level in people who are suffering from diabetes. Moreover, consuming high-fiber bread instead of white bread can also reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.