10 Things Not To Do While PregnantTo Tell You

So you are now expecting a baby, well,
there are some significant things
not to do while pregnant. Those are much dealing with how you must keep
your baby to grow well and make sure there will be something fatal affecting
the health and safety of you and your growing baby. Especially for a woman who
has been waiting for the pregnancy for so long should know what to do and not
to do to keep the pregnancy well.

This time, we are coming to share you the crucial information about what things that the women should not do while they are pregnant. Here is the list you may check out soon.

Not To Eat These Foods

The first significant thing not to do while pregnant you should avoid is not to eat the certain foods. When you are seeing your pregnancy specialist, he may tell you to avoid certain foods due to the bad effect that may influence your growing baby. It is mostly described that a pregnant women must not eat the following foods:

Raw meat and shellfish

These food are uncooked.
Raw meat and shellfish as well as the other uncooked foods can be contaminated
with toxoplasmosis and salmonella which are not good for the pregnancy. Thus,
it would be better to consume the cooked meat instead of the raw meat.

Deli meat

During pregnancy, you must
also avoid deli meat that may contain listeria, a type of bacterium that comes
across the placenta, causing your baby not growing well. Avoid this deli meat
for 9 months and some more.

High mercury fish

Fish is good. But fish
with high mercury is not recommended. The high mercury fish includes shark,
king mackerel, swordfish and tilefish. What about tuna? Generally, tuna has
lower mercury. However, it would be better to eat tuna sparingly with the other

Smoked seafood

Avoid smoke seafood. It is
because smoked seafood may be contaminated with listeria. In this case, the
smoke seafood are lox, kippered fish, jerky and nova style salmon. Cooking the
seafood by yourself is much better than consuming the smoke seafood, right?

Soft cheese

If you love cheeses, well,
you must not eat soft cheese during pregnancy. Avoid Roquefort, gorgonzola,
camembert, brie and some Mexican cheeses unless they are produced from
pasteurized milk. This means that if the cheeses are made from pasteurized milk,
you can consume them safely without feeling worry.

Raw eggs

Raw eggs are considered containing salmonella.

Not To Paint The Nursery

The second thing not to do while pregnant is not to pain the
nursery. You can’t measure the toxicity of paint, can you? It is due to the
chemical and individual solvent in the paint which are not good for your
infant’s health. Thus, when you are renovating your house or you are designing
a nursery, find or hire someone else to handle the painting and never come into
the room unless the painting is done and getting dry. Make sure you are not
smelling the painting in which the chemical contents can attack you anytime.

Not To Take Too Much Caffeine

Avoiding caffeine might be a nightmare for
a woman who really likes coffee. Based on the health analysis, caffeine is a
stimulant and diuretic. A few cups of coffee everyday will cause your blood
pressure and heart rate getting increased. These are bad for growing the baby
well. Moreover, too much caffeine will cross the placenta.

Not To Take Certain Medications

Not to take certain medications is the next
thing not to do while
pregnant that you must pay attention more. Some medications prove to be
harmful for pregnancy particularly for the growth of the baby. Please consult
with your obstetry gynaecology just before taking medications or supplements.

Not To Wear Stilettos

Don’t wear stilettos. It is because the
center of gravity of the heels will change, causing you unsteady to stand on
your feet. You may find your ankles swollen. This case creates such an
unpleasant feelings for you along with your pregnancy. In this case, wearing
flat shoes or slipper is safe.

Not To Change the Kitty Litter

Kitty litter can be harmful because of the
toxoplasmosis and a rare parasitic disease carried by the cats through their
feces. Thus, have someone else change the kitty litter instead of doing it by
yourself. This is the third significant thing you should remember to avoid
while you are pregnant.

Not To Breath Smoke

Smoking is terrible not only for smokers
but also for non-smokers who are still unintentionally taking breath as a
secondhand smoker. There are over four thousands harmful chemicals contained in
secondhand smoke in which some of them are linked to cancer. Thus, it is also
very harmful for both you and your future baby.

Not To Take Alcohol

Dealing with the significant things not to do while pregnant,
you must also avoid alcohol. Once you know you are expecting a baby, stop
drinking alcohol which is usually in wine, beer or liquor. Do you know why?
This way, alcohol will passes quickly from your bloodstream heading to the
placenta and umbilical cord right to your baby. This is very harmful to your
baby’s brain and organ development. Other risks of drinking alcohol while
pregnant are premature birth, brain damage, birth defects, miscarriage and
stillbirth as well as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Not To Sit or Stand For Too Long

During pregnancy, you must try not to sit
or stand too long as one of the things not to do while pregnant. Too long seated or standing can
be problematic for pregnant women. Swollen ankles and vein problem are the
problems caused by seating or standing too long. Taking a short breath and
moving around are much recommended to relax your foot.

Not To Go for Sauna or The Hot Tub

The last but not least thing you can do to
keep your pregnant save is not to go for sauna or be in the hot tub. During the
first trimester of pregnancy, you are recommended not to go for sauna because
the elevated body temperature can lead to some certain birth defects. When you
are feeling aches or pain, just try another thing to get relaxed instead of
relaxing in a hot tub. It might be ideal but harmful enough. As an alternative,
you can just take a warm bath.


Finally you come to the conclusion that
pregnancy is the phase that must be kept securely. Be aware of the significant things not to do while pregnant
or your pregnancy will be problematic.