The Guide to Diabetic Foods, Keep Your Frustration Away

When you come home from the doctor, having diagnosed as a diabetic, one of the things you’ll come across is probably the frustration about your diabetic foods choices ahead. Being diagnosed to have diabetes for many people is equally a death sentence for their culinary journey. Well, delicious and mouth-watering foods generally have high-fats, high-sugar, and high-carbs. In short, it has a high number for the elements restricted for the good of your body, ouch. While you need your sugar-level to be stable by avoiding it, those substances are the ones making many of your favorite foods richer and juicer in taste, though unfortunately worse for health, especially that you have diabetes now. So, be ready saying goodbye to the heavenly diets you usually have, good luck to starve your tummy with the plain taste of veggies. Well, that’s how the myths around diabetes make it sounds, quite so dreadful for a food lover, no? However, the fact actually doesn’t look that bad as long as you know the key of the diabetic foods.

About Diabetes

The fearsome side of diabetes is when you don’t have it under control. Not only will it risk you the complication of more diseases, but it can also heighten the stress psychologically. Thus, you should know how to keep it under control. Yet, cutting your sugar intake immediately and strictly dieting on vegetable isn’t the best choice to start. Indeed, the foods you choose to have a big role to fight diabetes, and some foods are, indeed, a better choice than others. Nonetheless, no food is actually off-limits.  Let’s take a banana, for example, this fruit which is known as a source of high-glucose for a glance is bad when you have diabetes. But, the experts have openly stated that it’s possible for a diabetic person to include a banana in his diet with a reasonable amount. Hence, you still can be creative about your diet! Being diabetic is not absolutely the good-bye of your culinary journey, and hey, it’s actually a new beginning for you to find about the healthy and delicious foods you haven’t know before! Thus, here is the guide to diabetic foods which is going to free you from the frustration of the plain and terrible diabetic diet the myth tells you.


If you hear the myth floating around that you have to cut on your carbs drastically, you have to give it a second thought. It’s true that you will need to consider about carbs you take since carbs are quite the criminal to the increase of blood sugar. However, it doesn’t entirely mean you should cut it down and only eat so little. Although carbs are the source of glucose, it’s also the source of energy. If you suddenly cut the consumption, it’ll only do worse to your condition.

So, what should you do? First, what you need is to consider the type of carbohydrates that get into your body. When you choose for the carbs, scratch the starchy carbs from your list and change it with whole grain crabs instead. Whole grain carbs are high in fiber which means it will treat your insulin. They’re fiber high and they can stay in your body without doing the harm their starchy cousins do. By having whole grain carbs, it’ll keep your sugar-level more stable. In addition, by not cutting down the carbs, it won’t shock your body which usually causes other problems.

Hence, here are a few examples of changes you can do regarding the carbs intake. If you usually have white rice, throw it from your grocery list and add brown rice or riced cauliflower. If you usually consume white potatoes such as the general fries and mashed potatoes, change it into sweet potatoes or yams. If you usually get pasta for your carbs, forget the regular pasta and check out the whole-wheat pasta or spaghetti squash. If you’re a lover of bread, don’t take the white bread and buy the whole wheat or whole-grain bread. And, if you usually have the sweet milky cereal for your morning breakfast, start your breakfast with high-fiber cereal instead.

It’s very important for you to plan your carbs intake throughout the day. Accordingly, it’s equally important for you to remember that although you’re allowed to have carbs, it doesn’t mean you can just eat only carbs. Balance is important for your diabetic foods planning.