All About Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms, Causes, Types, Treatment And Prevention

These times, it is almost impossible to prevent diabetes type 1. Accordingly, you have to be aware of controlling your blood sugar levels and find out more information about it.

2. Diabetes Type 2

The next type of diabetes you have to check out is the diabetes type 2. This type is the most common type attacking people, approximately about 90% of all the diabetes cases. In this type, insulin does not work properly. The levels of the blood glucose keep rising uncontrollably. A person with diabetes type 2 is producing less insulin from day to day causing hyperglycaemia, a high level of blood sugar.

3. Gestational Diabetes

Unlike diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2, the third type of diabetes mellitus which is called gestational diabetes is harmless. This is a kind of diabetes which occurs only when a woman is pregnant. Gestational diabetes will disappear when she gives birth.

Although, this is not a permanent diabetes, the sufferer must pay attention to take an action in order not to endanger the life of both the mother and her fetus.

The Symptoms

The second thing you have to check out about diabetes mellitus is the symptoms. It is very crucial to recognize what you feel over your body and find out what disease you are suffering from. Diabetes type 1 is almost caused by the pancreas that do not function properly so that it can’t produce insulin. This case disturbs the process of changing glucose into energy, so that, the blood glucose keeps raising. The less insulin production by the pancreas also causes the body to look for the other sources of insulin such as fat. That’s why, the sufferer will feel thirsty most of the time.

In the other case, both diabetes type 1 and diabetes types 2 have the same symptoms which include:

  • Almost feeling thirsty and dry in the mouth.
  • Urinating frequently.
  • Feeling tired easily which means you have less energy.
  • Unable to see clearly.
  • Healing wound very slowly.
  • Having recent skin infections.
  • Feeling tingling both in hands and feet.

Commonly, although some people having those symptoms above for a long period of time, they may not recognize that those are the symptoms of diabetes. For example, feeling thirsty may be just normal because you are working. Therefore, diabetes type 2 sufferers may live some years longer before the diagnose. This way, visiting the doctor and having body-check-up is much recommended especially for those who are growing old.

The Causes

One of the most important things in the list you need to check out is the causes of diabetes mellitus. Both diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 have almost the same factors causing you suffering from these diseases. From now and then, you must concern your family history of diabetes. If one of your family members has diabetes, you will probably experiencing the same.

Other causes of diabetes you must be aware are overweight, unhealthy diet, less physical activities, high blood pressure, ethnicity, poor nutrition during pregnancy, history of gestational diabetes, old age and impaired glucose tolerance. One thing you have to remember: A woman with gestational diabetes will have a risk of suffering from diabetes three times higher than the other woman who never experienced gestational diabetes.

Concerning these causes of diabetes, you must be more attentive to control your diet and weight, involve more in physical activities, eat more nutritious foods and other things related to diabetes caring, treatment and prevention which we are going to discuss in the following sessions.