Can Your Hernia Cause Back Pain?

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Without examining you, it’s hard to conclude whether your back pain is associated with hernia. However, it’s possible that some risk factors of the disease such as chronic cough are a factor. Intense coughing can cause unnecessary strain both on your back and the muscular wall of your abdomen.

If you have chronic cough, you need to soothe the problem otherwise your hernia will worsen.

  1. First off, find out the underlying cause! In general, common cold is mild and will relieve in a few weeks. But if the problem becomes chronic, it may be associated with certain medical conditions such as acid reflux, allergies, or asthma – see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis!
  2. Remove any irritants from your room. Though cough can vary from person to person, many times it worsens with tobacco smokes and dusts. In a few cases, scented bathroom sprays and perfumes may also worsen the problem.
  3. A steamy shower may help loosen secretions in your nose. Another idea, use a humidifier unit to help prevent your nasal secretions from drying out – just make sure to NOT overdo it and maintain the unit properly!
  4. Since it’s important to keep your upper respiratory tract and nasal cavities moist (particularly when you have cough), drink plenty of water throughout the day. Keeping hydrated can help thin out the mucus in your postnasal drip!
  5. If necessary, take medications to treat your cough!

Though hernia symptoms are usually mild, sometimes it can bother you a lot. When the symptoms flare up, they may ruin your daily routines and make you become frustrated.

Don’t underestimate your emotions, because the power of feelings can also affect you physically! Stress can bring on pain by causing muscle tension in the back.

Lifestyle triggers

Back pain can be associated with some lifestyle triggers such as overweight and smoking, which are also common risk factors of some types of hernia. If you’re a smoker, quit as soon as possible! And if you’re overweight, lose your weight gradually!!

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