Hair Loss Treatment Options and the Likely Causes

If you experience a worrying level of hair thinning or hair loss, there are some alternatives of hair loss treatment that you can consider about. Losing the hair isn’t nice, except you are going through the cleanly shaved bald style adopted by some popular Hollywood actors. Not all men want to lose their hair and such a thing also applies to women. Before jumping to solutions and treatments, it would be wise to look into the possible causes of the hair thinning or loss. From there, you can figure out what happens to you and what to do with your condition.

Problems with Hair Loss

Before dwelling on the possible solutions and hair loss treatment, it would be great if you can focus on the problem and find out the exact issue. There are different kinds of hair loss problems – from the causes, the severity of the case, and the impact. Hair loss can happen all over your body or it can happen on the scalp only. It can be caused by various factors, including medication, certain medical conditions, hormonal activities or changes, and genetics.

The Different Kinds of Symptoms

Not many people know this, but hair loss can happen in different manners, depending on the cause. It can happen slowly or suddenly, and it can affect only the scalp or the entire body. The most common signs are:

  • Slow thinning on the upper area of your head. This is one of the most common types of hair issue and it can happen to men and women. As they get older, the hair will start receding from the forehead.
  • Patchy or circular bald spots. If you see a coin-sized and smooth spots, you know what I’m talking about. This kind of problem usually affects the scalp only, but it can also happen to the eyebrows or beards. In general, the skin may be painful or itchy before the hair fall.
  • Full body hair loss. This kind of problem affects the entire body, usually the outcome from a certain condition or treatment, such as chemotherapy. If this is the case, the hair will grow back again.
  • Sudden hair loosening. This problem is generally caused by an emotional or physical shock. When you wash or comb the hair, and you find a handful of your hair, it is likely that you are suffering from such a condition. this condition may lead to overall thinning – not the bald patches
  • Scaling patches spreading over your scalp. This is generally the sign for ringworm. Other signs may include swelling, redness, broken hair, and also oozing.

The Major Causes

You need to find out the causes first and then you can figure out the right hair loss treatment for your condition. You see, people generally lose around 100 strands a day and that’s considered normal. A new hair will grow and it needs space for the action. When your hair is falling within that 100 strands a day, it isn’t a problem. However, when you lose more than that amount, it is definitely a problem.