Hair Loss Treatment Options and the Likely Causes

If you experience a worrying level of hair thinning or hair loss, there are some alternatives of hair loss treatment that you can consider about. Losing the hair isn’t nice, except you are going through the cleanly shaved bald style adopted by some popular Hollywood actors. Not all men want to lose their hair and such a thing also applies to women. Before jumping to solutions and treatments, it would be wise to look into the possible causes of the hair thinning or loss. From there, you can figure out what happens to you and what to do with your condition.

Problems with Hair Loss

Before dwelling on the possible solutions and hair loss treatment, it would be great if you can focus on the problem and find out the exact issue. There are different kinds of hair loss problems – from the causes, the severity of the case, and the impact. Hair loss can happen all over your body or it can happen on the scalp only. It can be caused by various factors, including medication, certain medical conditions, hormonal activities or changes, and genetics.

The Different Kinds of Symptoms

Not many people know this, but hair loss can happen in different manners, depending on the cause. It can happen slowly or suddenly, and it can affect only the scalp or the entire body. The most common signs are:

  • Slow thinning on the upper area of your head. This is one of the most common types of hair issue and it can happen to men and women. As they get older, the hair will start receding from the forehead.
  • Patchy or circular bald spots. If you see a coin-sized and smooth spots, you know what I’m talking about. This kind of problem usually affects the scalp only, but it can also happen to the eyebrows or beards. In general, the skin may be painful or itchy before the hair fall.
  • Full body hair loss. This kind of problem affects the entire body, usually the outcome from a certain condition or treatment, such as chemotherapy. If this is the case, the hair will grow back again.
  • Sudden hair loosening. This problem is generally caused by an emotional or physical shock. When you wash or comb the hair, and you find a handful of your hair, it is likely that you are suffering from such a condition. this condition may lead to overall thinning – not the bald patches
  • Scaling patches spreading over your scalp. This is generally the sign for ringworm. Other signs may include swelling, redness, broken hair, and also oozing.

The Major Causes

You need to find out the causes first and then you can figure out the right hair loss treatment for your condition. You see, people generally lose around 100 strands a day and that’s considered normal. A new hair will grow and it needs space for the action. When your hair is falling within that 100 strands a day, it isn’t a problem. However, when you lose more than that amount, it is definitely a problem.

The causes can be various, including:

  • Medical condition. a certain condition will cause your hair to fall more excessively than usual. A certain treatment, like chemotherapy for cancer, will also lead to the hair loss
  • Hormonal changes. There are some conditions where you may experience hair loss, such as childbirth, thyroid issue, menopause, and pregnancy.
  • Genetics or family history. It is pretty common for hair loss to be caused by genetics, especially in female pattern or male pattern baldness. This problem generally happens as people grow older
  • Stressful events. Stress can affect your entire body’s system, especially your immune system. When the pressure is too much, it can cause your hair to fall. This problem, however, is usually temporary and your hair will grow back again in no time.
  • Supplements. Some supplements may affect the way your body functions normally, and it also affects the strength of your hair. Supplements or medications for heart issue, high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, and depression can cause hair loss.
  • Certain hair treatments and hairstyles. Excessive hair styling can lead to hair loss. Cornrows or pigtails, for instance, involve a pretty tight pull that can affect your follicles. Hot oil treatment can also lead to hair loss issue. If the problem gets worse, leading to scarring, the problem of loss is likely permanent

The Diagnosis

It is advisable that you see the doctor when the level of hair loss worries you. When you experience sudden hair loss at some worrying pace, you should find a professional expert and have yourself tested – just to be sure.

Once you talk to the doctor, it is possible that they will ask your medical (as well as family) history. Physical examination and test will definitely take place, such as:

  • Pull test. The doctor will pull some of your hair to see how many of them fall. This can help to determine the severity of the issue and on which stage of the shedding happens
  • Blood test. In some cases, hair loss is the underlying sign of certain medical conditions. It can help your doctor to determine whether you have another possible health issue
  • Light microscopy. This is an examination with a special instrument. With this tool, your doctor can learn whether you have problems with the hair shaft.
  • Scalp biopsy. The doctor will take samples from the skin. They will scrape the skin or pluck the hair so they can check the roots. If there is an infection to the root, they will know it.

Hair Loss and Over the Counter Solutions

There are some drugs or treatments that are viewed to be quite safe to deal with the hair loss issue. They are quite popular because most people would generally choose these medications first before they choose the advanced ones.

Laser Treatment

When your hair is thinning or falling, it is most likely that the follicles are the main cause of it. It is possible that the follicles are inflamed, causing it to be weak and fragile. Follicles can regenerate on its own but when it is inflamed, regeneration would be difficult, even impossible. The laser can reduce the inflammation happening to the follicles. If you think that laser treatment is always costly and done at the doctor’s office, think again. Nowadays, you can find home-based laser kit that you can use on your own. Based on several studies, doing the laser treatment twice a week can show positive results after 26 weeks. The follicles are growing stronger and they have their regeneration ability again.

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This is a medication that is often prescribed by dermatologist because it has been approved by the FDA. Women who experience hair thinning and hair loss often use this to treat their problems, and they really experience a positive outcome. Minoxidil can seriously increase the follicles’ size. Not only the hair strands will be bigger, they will be stronger too.

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DHT-Blocking Shampoo

Among the many types of options for hair loss treatment, a special shampoo is claimed to be quite helpful. You see, a special hormone, known as the DHT, is responsible for the hair loss. This hormone can restrict the blood supply to the follicles, causing them to be weak and then fall. Several shampoos and products contain the DHT-blocking agents that can prevent the hair loss.


It is a type of supplement that is believed to make the hair strands thicker and also healthier. In most cases, the hair doesn’t get enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals so the hair is weak and fragile. But if you make sure that you have enough supplements to keep everything going, you won’t have to worry about hair problem at all. Viviscal contains biotin, protein, zinc, niacin, and vitamin C needed by the body to produce stronger hair strands.