How To Prevent Hair Loss After Chemotherapy with 7 Recommended Ways

So you are eager to know how to prevent hair loss after chemotherapy? This is the right path you can start with. Before we go further about the main topic, it would be better to know what actually chemotherapy is and to what extent chemotherapy causes hair loss.

Well, the word chemotherapy is typically used for a type of medication for cancer treatment. It is the use of chemical substance to treat the deadly disease. Note, the drugs used in chemotherapy are cytotoxic. It means they are toxic to the cells of body. As the effect, hair will damage or loss.

Chemotherapy is one of the common treatments of cancer after surgery and hormonal. In these times, most cancer sufferers use chemotherapy as the treatment after the surgery as it is one of the best treatments. However, a big impact is following undeniable that is hair loss which is very frustrating.

To what extent does chemotherapy cause hair loss? It depends on the dosage of the drugs you consume in your chemotherapy period. Thus, the degree of hair loss varies depending on the type of chemotherapy and the drugs dose prescribed. Normally, hair loss begins after two or four weeks of chemotherapy.

In this article, we are going to review the tips you can try to overcome your problem dealing with the hair loss prevention because of chemotherapy. Check out the review below to enrich you with the ways how to prevent hair loss after chemotherapy. You may try one way or even try them all to get the best result.

Scalp Cooling Caps

It is very much recommended that you consult with your doctor how to overcome hair loss effect because of chemotherapy. In this case, most doctors typically suggest scalp cooling caps. This is how you use a tight cap filled with the cold gel to reduce the heat on your scalp so that your hair begins to fall. The temperature brought by cold gel will help narrow the blood vessels underneath the scalp. It limits the amount of drugs reaching the hair follicles.

In the other words, the cold gel in the caps will slow the blood flow to the scalp so that the drugs cannot reach your hair follicles. These are just reducing the effects of losing hair.

If you remember “If you don’t risk, you risk even more”, you will understand why you develop headaches when you are wearing the caps. Yup, wearing these scalp cooling caps may cause you have headaches. Nothing comes without a risk. The choice is on your hands.

Get a Short Haircut

The second way you can do to prevent hair loss after chemotherapy is getting a short haircut. This is because short hair always looks fuller than the long one. Frequently, hair loss occurs more in long hair than in the short one. Thus, hair loss may be less noticeable. Consider cutting your hair short just before starting chemotherapy.

When you are starting your chemotherapy, you may start feeling itchy, irritated and sensitive. Free you discomfort by having your hair cut short, making you able to prevent partial hair loss, too.