How To Prevent Hair Loss After Chemotherapy with 7 Recommended Ways

Take Care of Your Skin

It has been stated that chemotherapy will cause you feel itchy on your scalp. As your hair begins to fall, your scalp may get tender. Take care of your scalp skin using a moisturizing shampoo along with the conditioner and hair lotion to massage into your scalp. This will make you feel comfortable. Additionally, as more vitamins are given to your scalp and hair, the risk of hair loss will reduce.

Have Enough Rest

The next way you can consider dealing with the idea of how to prevent hair loss after chemotherapy is having enough rest. Chemotherapy can be very exhausting and frustrating, therefore, you must have enough rest to have your mind and body relaxed. This way, you can wear your soft cap around your head when you are sleeping at night. This will help you collect your loose hair. Never braid your hair or make ponytail. It can lead to more hair loss. Additionally, using a silk pillowcase is also helpful to reduce the friction when you are sleeping.

Use Sunscreen

If you are a person loving outdoor so much or just need to see outside, it is better to use sunscreen. You can avoid the sun heat in the summer, right? Thus, apply sunscreen to your scalp to provide more protection against the sunburn. This is very much recommended since your scalp is starting to be more sensitive.

Consider a Wig

Can you consider the idea of suing a wig? Why not? If hair loss is unavoidable, you can definitely pick a proper wig which matches with your natural hair color, hair texture and hairstyle. Do shopping a wig just at the beginning of your chemotherapy or cancer treatment. At least, using a wig will make you feel comfort, confident and make the most of your appearance.

If your treatment center provide you with a health insurance, you have a chance to use a hairpiece especially when your doctor gives you a prescription for hair prosthesis. Anyway, hairpiece is a tax-deductible expense.

Avoid Chemical Hair Products

When you decide to start your chemotherapy, you must insist on avoiding any chemical hair product. For now and then, you can stop using hair coloring cream, straightening cream and other hair product with chemical substances that may fasten your hair loss. It is also recommended not to use rollers, curling irons or straightening irons.

On the other hand, to slow down the hair loss, you can use a soft-bristle hairbrush instead of using hairdryer or just let your hair dry by air. This is also a considerable way of how to prevent hair loss after chemotherapy you can try.

Be Patient

Life changes. Never a thing completely stay. Be sure that you will pass your chemotherapy up to the last session and you will get your hair back. Being patient is all that you need to accept all the risk of chemotherapy as one of the best way you can do for your medication after the cancer surgery. Yup, be patient and your nightmare ends up well. This is not the last thing you can try, however, it is the point of everything you try dealing with the way you are doing your chemo and preventing your hair loss.


Hair loss, in which the causes is chemotherapy, is frustrating and frequently lead to a depression. Thus, it is crucial to find out how to prevent hair loss after chemotherapy to reduce hair loss. If the hair loss is very unavoidable, at least, you can still find a way how to overcome your discomfort.

The 7 recommended ways to prevent hair loss we have just shared in this article are expected to give you inspiration how to deal with the hair loss problem, what to do and what to avoid. Explore your options to find the best way you can do.

Having consultation with the treatment center is also suggested since they will give you recommendation that is more proper with your condition.