Lifestyle Changes for Diabetes Type 2: What Should You Do?

You will have to go through lifestyle changes for diabetes type 2 if you are diagnosed with the ailment. The world doesn’t end just because you are suffering from diabetes type 2, but you do need to manage your life and habits if you want to stay healthy. It isn’t an impossible task but you need to stay committed. It takes discipline and strong will to stay on the right track. But if you are able to do, you can stay healthy and you can keep your blood sugar in a normal level.

Dealing with Diabetes Type 2

If you are suffering from diabetes type 2, you don’t inherit it from the day you were born. Diabetes type 2 develops from unhealthy lifestyle that includes stress, inactive condition, and unhealthy consumption. That’s why doctors would mostly recommend lifestyle changes for diabetes type 2 if you want to keep the ailment at bay.

Losing weight is the first right step to deal with the issue. And then, you need to start a regular exercise routine. Diabetes can’t be cured but it can be maintained. Moreover, you also need to start developing healthy eating habits so your blood glucose (or sugar) will remain controlled. It will also prevent complications from happening.  

You also need to consult your doctor. In some cases, the combination of exercise and diet can maintain the blood sugar level within the safe limit. However, some cases may require you to take the medications, including the anti-diabetes type. But this isn’t always the case. This is the reason why you need to talk things thoroughly with your doctor. They are the ones understanding your condition. Based on your medical history and health records, they should be able to come up with the right treatment.

Losing Weight

If you want to keep your diabetes issue at bay, then you need to lose weight. This will help to make your blood sugar level go down. Moreover, when you are losing weight, the body’s cell will react more responsively to insulin. As a result, you can naturally improve your blood sugar level and control.

So, how should you lose weight? Don’t consume lose weight pills – they won’t help you lose weight naturally. The safest way is to combine regular exercise, healthy food intake, and cut down the calories intake. The idea is to lose weight slowly but steadily. You want to aim for continual and gradual weight loss until you have reached the right weight. Are you overweight? Keep in mind that losing around 5% to 10% of the body weight can seriously affect your blood sugar level. It makes a significant difference in your overall health.


Just because you are doing lifestyle changes for diabetes type 2, it doesn’t mean that you should do it recklessly. You can’t just diet and cut off your consumption just like that. There is a certain nutrition guideline that you need to follow if you want to lose weight and stay healthy. For instance, you can’t cut off sugar completely from your diet. You still need it in a well-managed manner and level. That’s why you should also consult a registered and reliable dietitian to help you develop a healthy eating pattern. The dietitian should be able to check your condition and then come up with healthier menus – especially personalized for you. If you don’t know which dietitian to go to, ask your doctor. They should be able to refer you to a registered dietitian.

Working out

Not all exercises are good for people with diabetes. You see, exercises can cause the blood sugar to drop. Although you want to keep your blood sugar level low, a sudden decrease can lead to a dangerous condition. You want to talk to both your dietitian and your doctor about a safe exercise program. It should go along with your eating plan. Basically, you want to maintain a normal level of blood sugar – not too high and yet not too low either.

Scientists have recommended 150 minutes of exercise time per week. And it should include a moderate-intensity exercise as well as strength training. The latter should be done 2 times per week, minimum. You should include water aerobics, tennis, bicycle, or brisk walking. Don’t do too much cardio because it would push your body too much to the limit. Include more strength training like lifting weights, using resistance bands, or using weight machines. If you want to lose weight, building muscles is also a good way to achieve your purpose – and it also helps to make you stay healthy.

Food Management

Besides meal planning, you also need to have snacks planning. Yes, even people with diabetes type 2 still need extra snacks. But then again, moderation is the key. You need to maintain the right portion. You need to choose your foods wisely. It seems easy but the practice is harder than you think.

You should eat at least 5 times a day in smaller portion. Skipping meals is a no-no. Each meal should contain three major elements of protein, carbs, and fat. Never skip one of them. Snacking is also important. With at least 5 times a day, you should also include 2 to 3 snacking times. One of the snack times should happen before bedtime. It should help with blood sugar level change that may happen when you are sleeping.

Basically, these are the basic things you need to include:

  • Go with low sodium foods
  • Choose water instead of sweet or sugary drinks
  • Always watch your portion. You should never overeat as it will affect your blood sugar level
  • Half of the plate should contain veggies and fruits
  • Consume lean protein, whole grains, and low fat dairy products

Be sure to consult everything with your doctor and dietitian. You should be able to come up with different healthy and safe menus. A friend of mine had experienced this lifestyle changes for diabetes type 2. Besides developing a routine workout schedules, she has maintained various meal menus to avoid boredom. At one time, she is allowed to eat avocado, but then she needs to consume veggies to balance the fat content from the avocado. You can do this if you talk to your dietitian.

Final Words

In the end, we are basically talking about balance. You should have all the important elements of fats, protein, and carbs but with a balanced manner. Always and always include your doctor and dietitian. It does take a strong will to be able to go through with this health issue. But if you determined enough, you should be able to practice safe lifestyle changes for diabetes type 2 to make yourself stay healthy.