Does Propecia Stop Receding Hairline?

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The Bottom Line

Last but not least, never use it if you are not asked by your doctor to do so, since early treatment for male pattern baldness is crucial and some Propecia products require prescription.

If you suffer from a receding hairline, make sure that you consult with the doctor first. Propecia is a great choice for men suffering early sign of male-pattern baldness such as receding hairline.

By using it correctly, your hairline that is receding should stop and improve, though the effect and result of the treatment will not permanent.

Many times, male-pattern baldness is genetic condition so thus it is not easy to treat. The good news, it usually doesn’t increase the risk of serious conditions. It is harmless, even many times the treatment is only due to cosmetic reasons.

Furthermore, Propecia is officially approved by FDA for the first line of treatment in coping with early sign of male-pattern baldness. You should safely use it along with other appropriate treatments to improve your hair receding problem. Just follow the instructions properly!