Sinusitis Headache (Back of Head?)

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Headache linked to sinusitis can spread. For examples, you may also feel the pain in the upper jaw or upper teeth. It may also move to other parts of the body (such as in the back of head). But headache in the back of the head is not commonly associated with sinusitis (even though when you have sinusitis).

And one thing to remember, again sinus headache is quite rare. Even in many people with sinus infection, their headache is often NOT linked to their sinusitis!

Therefore even though if you have sinusitis and experience headache, this doesn’t mean that you can definitely blame your sinus inflammation.

In fact, many patients who think they have sinus headache, including many who have got such a diagnosis, actually have another kind of headache such as tension-type headaches or migraine.

Sinusitis headache treatments

If your headache does link to sinusitis, it usually improves with home remedies. If it is mild, the following tips may help:

  1. Make sure to have adequate rest and drink plenty of fluids.
  2. A warm flannel may help. Hold and put it on your affected sinus, wait for a few minutes. Repeat this several times a day!
  3. If necessary, take over-the-counter painkillers. For example, ibuprofen is one of common choices to ease the pain or pressure over the affected sinus.
  4. If you have nasal congestion, over-the-counter decongestant nasal drops or sprays are available. But you should not use them for more than 7 days at a time, follow the instructions properly!
  5. To ease the blockage, a saline nasal solution may help clean out the mucus. You can purchase it in your local pharmacist.

If the problem doesn’t get better after a week, worsens, or keep coming back – see a doctor!

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