Can Stress Cause High Blood Sugar in Non Diabetics

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Some medicines can cause high blood sugar levels as a side effect. These include:

  1. Barbiturate medicines, they are used to help control seizures and relieve anxiety. It can lower blood pressure, slow breathing, and decrease the body temperature.
  2. Some diuretics, such as thiazide diuretics.
  3. Catecholamines, hormones used to help increase blood pressure, heart rate, mental alertness, breathing rate, and muscle strength.
  4. Corticosteroids, a class of steroid hormones used for anti-inflammatory medicine to treat numerous different conditions.
  5. Decongestants, especially some that contain pseudoephedrine or other beta-adrenergic agents.
  6. Some double-action antidepressants such as Zyprexa (antipsychotic medicine olanzapine, used for severe agitation linked to certain mood /mental conditions (such as bipolar mania, schizophrenia)).
  7. The B vitamin niacin – typically used to treat niacin deficiency and lower high cholesterol.

Furthermore, the use of some birth control pills may also cause a slightly elevated blood sugar level. If you’re diabetic, make sure to choose birth control pills that have least effect on your blood sugar!

Not getting enough sleep

Sleep deprivation has also an effect on blood sugar. Lack of sleep is a kind of chronic stress on the body. And again, your body is going to have higher blood sugar level when you have added stress.

It seems that not getting enough sleep at night can hurt more than your mood! If you’re a diabetic, getting adequate sleep is much more important to help control your diabetes.

If lack of sleep is to blame, you should see a subtle improvement in your blood sugar once you get into a consistent sleep routine.

Menstrual hormonal changes

Menstrual cycle can impact insulin, too. Hormonal changes during premenstrual period may cause blood sugar levels to get a little out of whack. This effect can vary from woman to woman. But once the menstruation starts, the reading will return to normal.

Other conditions

When you have critical illness such as heart attack or stroke, your body can be a state of physical stress. Sepsis, an active blood infection, is also quite common to cause elevated blood sugar.

Another cause to blame is dehydration. Falling shorts on fluids in the body tends to cause a higher blood sugar level because the sugar in the bloodstream (circulation) will become more concentrated. Keeping hydrated is very important for both diabetics and non diabetics!

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