Update US Covid-19 Vaccine News and Vaccine Development

So you are wondering if there is any US Covid-19 vaccine news, well, let’s get started. A virus cannot disappear unless there is already a vaccine. In other words, vaccination is the only best way to get rid of the virus. Coronavirus is the new infectious disease that spreads widely and rapidly through person-to-person transmission. It is caused by a new virus identified as covid-19 and know to be generated from Wuhan, China. A person with coronavirus shows mild to moderate respiratory illness along with the symptoms like flu, cough and hard to take a breath. And those who have been with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, TBC and chronic respiratory problems are likely to develop coronavirus once they are infected. Many prevention programs are informed to acknowledge people not to be infected by the virus, however, like other seemingly virus, there must be a vaccine injected through the human body to kill the virus 100%. A big question is; is there already a coronavirus vaccine? There are more to discuss prior to coronavirus vaccine.

How Long A Vaccine Produced

Prior to the US vaccination, it would be better to know how long it takes to produce a vaccine. In response to Coronavirus cases, researchers are racing against time, but there is only so much to speed things up. Coronavirus has been attacking human all over the world and yet the vaccine is still be a question. One of the best ways to stop the pandemic in its track and enable the people to safely come out of the lockdown is the successful development of vaccine. A big trouble is the fact that none know how long it will take to develop Coronavirus vaccine. Can it be produced quickly enough to avoid the worst effect of the pandemic? Do you know? Researchers and regulators are typically working six-to-10-year time frame to get a vaccine developed, tested, approved and marketed to the public. In this regards, Lincoln Tsang, an expert in vaccine approval, says, “There is no question about it. Time is not on our side.” According to many public health around the world, there are steps of the process that cannot be simply sped up to manufacture a vaccine in a short time. So, no one can predict how long it will take to make the vaccine widely available no matter how much money and expertise are brought to the effort. The truth is there is no effort to create a coronavirus vaccine has ever succeeded. US Covid-19 vaccine news  still comes up with the uncertainty whether or not Coronavirus vaccine will be available. It is still questionable. Though the experts may be able to find a potential vaccine for Coronavirus, they are not so optimistic. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, said that there could be the first vaccine works perfectly and we could get there faster than even we expect. However, he wouldn’t want to get people’s hopes up. This means that people cannot make a wish about getting the trustable vaccine for treating Coronavirus. All of what the experts do are making efforts.

How Long Coronavirus Attack Human Body

The truth is, it takes years to develop, produce and market Coronavirus vaccine. There are steps to follow based on the regulations before a human body can be finally injected with the vaccine. If it takes so many years while the virus has been spreading all over the world, a big question of how long Coronavirus attack human body will lead us to predict when the vaccine will be probably available. According to South Morning China Post, the first person to have contracted Covid-19 is a 55-year-old individual from Hubei dating back to November 17, 2019. That’s more than a month earlier than the doctors noted cases in Wuhan, China at the end of December. The virus has spread through the link of seafood market and reported 5 new cases in December 15. Within 12 days which is in December 27, the virus infected 180 individuals. As of March 12, there were nearly 148,000 cases globally including more than 81,000 cases in mainland China. Started from November 17, 2019 up to May 2020, within six months, the Coronavirus has infected 1, 418, 512 individuals around the world. Will this pandemic end up in the end of the year? While developing vaccine need more years. In this response, the scantiest has start researching and developing the vaccine without even known when they will get the exact vaccine for treating Corona virus.

Is It Possible to Manufacture Coronavirus Vaccine within A Few Months?

US Covid-19 vaccine news also leads us to question whether or not it is possible to manufacture the vaccine only in a few months. Some companies are racing to develop the vaccine along with the alarm that the finish line is at least 12 to 18 months away. It means that we need at least one year to develop Coronavirus vaccine and get the approval. So here are the ideas of the scientist to get helped in developing the vaccine:
Developing a Vaccine with New Technology
Along with the information of Coronavirus shared by the Chinese scientists around January 10, several companies began to develop vaccines containing a small amount of genetic code. The elements of the virus will be generated through the genetic information taken up by the certain cells in the body. This way, the virus will not infect the person but trigger the immune system to respond. This is called DNA or RNA based vaccines which are not produce with the deactivated virus like the other vaccines. Thus, this vaccine can be produced in the lab. This method is faster and more reliable than the process of traditional vaccine which uses eggs or cell cultures to grow a virus. This method is brought into a clinical trial by Moderna in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (USA) to develop Covid-19 vaccine using a genetic platform called messenger RNA. Only 42 days needed to change from the vaccine design to human testing. However, without appropriate testing, the vaccine could put a healthy people at risk. One of the most risky area is the vaccine enhancement, meaning that the disease is more harmful to a vaccinated individual. Thus, though it is still in clinical trial, the vaccine must be tested whether it is safe and effective before producing them for public. And this absolutely needs time. Later, US Covid-19 vaccine news notes that this is expected to take only three month for Covid-19 but it can typically need one to two years, meaning that we cannot expect to get rid of the pandemic by the end of 2020. In other words, like the experts say, Coronavirus will still infected a country at least for two years. So, it is impossible to develop and produce the vaccine in a few month. There are too many steps and regulations to follow to avoid the harmful risk.

What Do The World’s Scientists Say?

If the truth says we need one to two years developing the vaccines, getting the approval and manufacturing process, what does this mean for you? Some scientists recommend people have a preventative option about the Covid-19 circulation next year. Building up protection against the virus will helpfully save lives and help society return to a functioning normally while the international community keeps working together to produce the vaccine as fast as they can. If the virus fail, all the efforts they have taken may still show the lasting impact. The scientists will make use of the fastest time working out the vaccine design to trial and getting the vaccines approval based on genetic platform. This technology basically changes how scientists should be able to develop vaccines along with the virus protection for the people from the new disease. Thus, the discovery must be faster, the vaccine production must be more reliable and the vaccines should be more potentially affordable.

What Does President Trump Say about Coronavirus and Vaccination in The US?

Are you wondering what the president says about US Covid-19 vaccine news? According to Reuters, May 14, 2020, President Trump is mobilizing the US military to distribute a novel coronavirus vaccine when one vaccine is available. This single vaccine will focus on old Americans first. In an interview broadcast Thursday on Business Network, the president said, “You know, it’s a massive job to give this vaccine. Our military is now being mobilized so at the end of the year, we are going to be able to give it to a lot of people very, very rapidly.” The president said, there will be a vaccine by the end of the year so that he order the military for vaccine mobilization. This means that the president’s statement is an assumption as well as an expectation. In relation to US Covid-19 vaccine news today, the White House has a set of target of having 300 million vaccine doses by the end of this year.

What Do The People Do While Waiting For The Vaccine

There are a number of policies drafted by the government to slow down the Coronavirus transmission or to cut the virus spreads while there has not been a vaccine to stop the virus yet. The policies must be well-understood and well-obeyed by the people while the experts are working tightly to generate the vaccine.
Lockdown is the most risky policy that the government takes. Lockdown will affect all people’s aspects of life including economy, education, health, mobility, social life and much more. Apart from the risky effects, lockdown will slow the spread of the disease and in the meantime, a vaccine will be deployed to build herd immunity in the population. It really takes time to develop, approve and produce the vaccine while the Coronavirus might have already spread around the globe. Even by the most optimistic prediction, 12 months could be too late to generate the vaccine.
Social and Physical Distancing
Many countries around the world require the people to follow ones of the government regulations that are the policies of social and physical distancing. As the Coronavirus spreads rapidly through person-to-person, grouping or involving in the huge number of people gathering are likely developing the virus infection. Thus, keep your distance at least one or two meters away from others.
Following the Government Rules
The governments determine some big rules due to the uncontrollable virus spread and yet the vaccine is still on working. US Covid-19 vaccine news states that government has funded millions for researches as well as thrown a number of experts to develop the vaccine. While we are waiting for the results, the government required the people to follow the rules in order to safe life. The rules include the economic regulations, health protocol, education system, mobility, trade limitation, retirement and much more. These are all limited and restricted due to the pandemic. No one knows when the regulations and other life aspects can turn back to normal.
Flights Cut
Flights cut is also one of the big policies to help slow down the virus transmission. Since the end of January, US cut the flights especially from and to Wuhan and some parts of Chine that are considerably the sources of Coronavirus. President Trump thought it was the early policy he took as the best way to cut the virus transmission due to the fact that a first Coronavirus case was generated from a husband who just came from Wuhan.
Increasing Immune System
Scientists keep working hard to develop the vaccine though there is no certainty that it would be successful. While waiting for them to work on the laboratory, all public health care recommend people to increase their immune system under the consideration that the higher immune system will be able to fight against the Corona.
Keep Healthy
In addition to help slow down the Coronavirus spread, keeping healthy is also a must. Washing hands regularly with the soap and water are considered one the recommended ways to kill the virus before the virus come into the body to infect. Healthy life habit is demonstrated throughout the world.
Work From Home
One more preventive program to slow down the Coronavirus transmission is working from home. Thanks to the recent technologies allowing people to work out everything online so that all people can make use of the technology to enable them to work from home. Though it is limited, working from home is very possible. Juts make use of the internet connection and you can do your job from home without involving in the community that may develop a virus spread. However, we cannot expect to go for work as normally unless the virus is getting slow in its spread or even it disappears.

Final Words

Finally, we can conclude that US Covid-19 vaccine news is still on going until the vaccine is successfully generated, approved and produced. In the US, President Trump expects that 300 million vaccines can be generated by end of 2020 and mobilize the military for the vaccines distribution. The first priority will be old Americans. It gives the US people much hope now.