What You Have To Know about Covid-19 United States Cases (Update News)

One thing that makes the world shocked is Covid-19 United States Cases has reached 1, 890, 814. Out of this number, there are 108, 703 deaths and 431, 692 recovered This includes the first 20 domestic cases in the United States from Oregon, Washington, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Arizona and Wisconsin. These first 20 cases exclude the repatriated cases and Diamond Princess Cruise ship evacuee cases.

How could United States be attacked by the deadly virus and how could the number of infected people be increasing uncontrollably from times to times? What have the governments done to overcome Covid-19 cases? What does Trump do as the best policy?

Stay with us for not more than fifteen minutes and you will find all information about Covid-19 United States Cases as one of the world’s largest cases on the globe. Yeah, here is the COVID-19 United States update. 

What is Corona Virus?

Before we go further about corona virus outbreak in United States, it would be better to go back defining what corona virus actually it. Well, corona virus which is also popularly called Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus.

Infected people will soon experience a symptom of mild to moderate respiratory problem. There is no a special treatment to get them to recover. Older people and those with underlying medical issues such as chronic respiratory illness, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness with Covid-19.

The best prevention to slow down the virus transmission is making the people well-informed about the virus, how it spreads and attacks and how to prevent it from attacking so that we can slow down the transmission. Ones of the best ways to do are washing hands as frequently as possible, keeping distance from those who are infected and not touching your face.

Primarily, the Covid-19 virus spreads through the droplets of saliva out of the nose when infected people cough or sneeze. Thus, it has been widely informed about practicing respiratory etiquette as one of the best prevention, too. In fact, this deadly virus spreads rapidly and uncontrollably and even now becomes the global pandemic. The world is suffering and the vaccine has not yet found for a better treatment.