Find Out a Complete Information About Diabetes Insipidus


Are you wondering what the symptoms of this disease are? Well, the symptoms may appear to be similar with those of diabetes mellitus although the causes are completely different. You must call or visit the doctor for help as soon as you feel the followings:

  • Extreme thirst which means you are feeling thirsty most of the time. Even If you take something for drinking, you are still thirsty.
  • As a result of thirsty and drinking more and more, you will be producing a large amount of diluted urine so that you will take a pee more frequently.
  • The more you are thirsty, the more you drink. The more you drink, the more you are annoyed to wake up during your sleeping tight at night just to take a pee.
  • Preference to take cold drinks.

When diabetes insipidus attacks children, the symptoms shows:

  • Heavy and wet diapers since they produce a large amount of urine, too. You can check out the diapers of your baby, if it is heavier only in a short time and it mostly occurs every day, you had better bring your children to see a doctor for testing.
  • Bed-wetting which means they are urinating more and more and their diapers fully accommodates the urine, thus, it makes the bed wet.
  • Trouble sleeping because of waking up too often to take a pee.
  • Your children may suffer from fever, too, in which the body has high temperature (hyperthermia).
  • Vomiting which is very common to occur in children. However, when your children are peeing much as well as vomiting too often, they may be developing diabetes insipidus.
  • Delayed growth which leads to weight loss. Perhaps this is because the discomfort of the disease that causes the children losing their appetite.
  • Irritability especially in the vital organ area because of taking too much pee.
  • Excessive crying as a result of discomfort.
  • Almost feeling tired.

The Causes

Knowing the symptoms of diabetes insipidus, now it’s time for you to find out more information about the causes of the disease. As it has been stated that the disease is mostly caused by:

  • The imbalance body fluids levels. When the fluid regulation system in your body can work properly, the kidney will definitely help you to maintain the fluid balance. This way, the kidney will remove the waste fluid as urine. Later, you can be able to excess it through urinating. You can also get the waste out of your body through sweating, diarrhea and breathing.
  • Damaged pituitary gland or hypothalamus. If you had ever experienced operation, tumor brain and infections, it will be possible for you to develop diabetes insipidus.
  • Kidney problems. A kidney is functioning to excrete or reabsorb water. When there is a defect, your kidney won’t be able to work properly. The defect may be caused by the genetic disorder or a chronic kidney disorder.
  • Destroyed ADH. ADH is anti-diuretic hormone which determines how fast or slow the fluids are excreted. In this case, when ADH is destroyed by the placenta, you are developing this diabetes. It occurs only in pregnancy.
  • Primary polydipsia. This case occurs when the thirst regulating mechanism in the hypothalamus is damaged. As a bad effect, you will produce a large amount of diluted urine.

It is best described that there is no exact cause of diabetes insipidus. However, according to the disorder occurred, it shows that the damaged cells of the body affects too much the immune system.